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BRAND Awareness

Brand awareness is often seen as the first step in reaching customers' purchasing intentions. Once the customers are aware of the ads, product or service messages can be effectively delivered. As a result, the awareness of products or services can be created through the method of advertising, also known as brand awareness. In the meanwhile, Digital Outdoor Advertising is more effective in raising brand awareness. Furthermore, an advertising method should achieve some elements in order to be an effective advertisement.


An advertisement must outstanding before it can be classified as an effective advertisement. One of the goals of Digital Outdoor Advertising is to attract the audience's attention before they look at other advertisements. Thus, advertise using a DOOH Advertising screen is much more effective than those non-movement advertising tools.


Digital OOH Advertising is the only advertising method that has movement ads or display timeline based. People will look at the moving object when they are curious about it, and the particular ads is more likely to be exposed as a result. The better the exposure, the more people will aware of the particular ads. Thus, there is a high probability that ads owners will reach a better reward in the end.

Eye-catching can trigger the curiosity of audiences. This also happened in advertising, when there are multiple Digital Outdoor Advertising situated at the same wall, Digital Outdoor Advertising will be the first thing that people noticed because it always the most eye-catching one. As always, people will look at objects with movement immediately as they are curious to know what is happening.


When advertising tools reach a particular level of exposure, they receive more attention from audiences. Because of the power of Digital Out Of Home Advertising, audiences will be able to notice the advertisement. This is the reaction that effective or efficient advertisements should have.


However, it wasn’t enough for audiences to just pay attention to the ads displayed on the Digital Outdoor Advertising. After they notice the ads, the ads must able to attract the audiences. Beautiful and interesting ads will have a greater power to attract audiences with use of Digital OOH Advertising. Audiences will be more likely to spend the majority of their time watching ads on the DOOH Advertising.

Broad Reach

The use of Digital OOH Advertising offers a wider reach for the ads. This is because DOOH Advertising tend to show the ads to every single passerby instead of showing only to certain people. Thus, audiences who are not the target group are able to know about the ads too. Eventually, there is an increase in the number of business opportunities for ads owners.


Awareness is one of the ads element that must be increased. Awareness can be a measurement to test the capability of advertising through the use of Digital Outdoor Advertising. The wide reach of ads generated by the power of DOOH Advertising, as well as the beautiful and interesting ads, can improve the quality of awareness.


It is more likely that the ads impression level towards audiences will increase when more audiences get to know about the ads. When audiences are able to have an impression towards an ads from Digital Outdoor Advertising, the ads can be considered as an effective ads. When they think about something relevant, the impression of ads will come to mind. Also, this will help the ads owners to reach the business opportunity.


As for information, audience recognition towards an advertisement is still the most important criterion for an effective advertisement. This meant that the ads had been seared into audiences' minds after they had seen the ads from the Digital Outdoor Advertising. Meanwhile, the audiences will have a strong desire to purchase the produces or services.

There are 8 major advantages of

Digital Out Of Home Advertising able to form to increase quality of Brand Awareness.

Those advantages such as outstanding, exposure, eye-catching, , attention, attractive, broad reach, boost, impression and recognition. The benefit of Digital OOH Advertising is it can efficiently provide the opportunity for the audiences to interact with. For example, high level of Brand Awareness represent good quality of brand image. At the same time, it does have a direct impact on products and services' success rates.

Digital Out Of Home Advertising is a hybrid of traditional out of home advertising and digital elements. Digital Out Of Home Advertising used to deliver content to the public via Digital Screens.

Digital Outdoor Advertising (DOOH)

When other channels are unavailable, Digital Out Of Home Advertising offers marketers a POWERFUL approach to engage with audiences during the day, helping them to send messages to audiences throughout the day. Outdoor is a high impact format that influences audiences, whether it's a big screen or a monitor that's completely integrated in a context-sensitive location. To deliver a more compelling audience experience, most of the DOOH Advertising venues provide many media creative formats.

5 Major Advantages of Out Of Home Advertising

  • Real and Powerful

    • In the era of clicks, likes, and page views, Out Of Home Advertising is far more important than ever. OOH Advertising is the genuine article. It cannot be blocked, played and displayed by the bots. OOH Advertising will always be on, surrounding and engaging audiences with realistic, impactful ads wherever they live, work, ride, shop, and play.

  • Real and Creative

    • Out Of Home Advertisements feature tall, bold, strong storytelling, as well as a range of formats and distinctive locations. Customers could communicate and transact in new and innovative ways by using new mobile, wireless, and Digital Out Of Home (OOH) technologies.

  • Real and Relevant

    • The right message will be delivered to the right person at the right time and in the right place thanks to Out Of Home Advertising. It serves hyper-targeted and contextually relevant ads depending on location, demographics, client behaviour, as well as the time of day.

  • Real and Connected

    • OOH employs cutting-edge technology to improve brand-market interactions, increase targeting and ROI studies, and keep ahead of consumer trends. Because of its embedded networks and channels, Out Of Home Advertising is a fully integrated participant in the marketing plan and buying ecosystem.

  • Real and Effective

    • Out Of Home Ads help to increase brand familiarity and affinity. It's also a proven media multiplier, increasing the scope and frequency of integrated campaigns while maximizing mobile, social, and digital involvement.

Benefit of Out Of Home Advertising

  1. Has a Stronger Impact

    1. When consumers view Out Of Home Advertising messages, they are delighted, satisfied, optimistic, confident, and hopeful. These strong feelings are evoked by the employment of imagination in ads.

    2. The majority of consumers believe that Out Of Home Advertising is a credible information source, while others believe that billboards offer useful information.

    3. Yields Faster Results

    4. Based on the studies, customers who view an advertisement on a billboard or a public bench are more likely to act on the message given in the advertisement,

    5. OOH has intelligence and can drive customers to take action. They are popular in public areas where the roads are frequently busy, which is one of the factors for their appeal.

    6. There is Creativity

    7. When it comes to Out Of Home Ads, the amount of creativity you may employ to convey your message is nearly limitless.

    8. OOH allows the creative team to express oneself on a larger scale than billboards provide. If you'd like to catch people's attention, use attractive headlines and combine them with bold graphics.

    9. You may play with your creativity levels as long as you stay true to your brand.

    10. Reaches More People

    11. As previously said, out of house advertising occurs outside, where the great majority of people spend the large amounts of time.

    12. The idea is easily transmitted to a huge number of persons at once since the promotional tools are carefully placed and the ads on them are readily visible. They can't be erased, missed, or banned, and bots can't see them.

  2. Affordable

    1. You can meet a wide range of people for an affordable price by using Out Of Home Advertisements. Its extremely low CPM pricing, when combined with its large market reach and scalability, provide advertisers with a compelling rationale to choose Out Of Home Advertising.

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